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The hearing test involves testing each ear for its various tone capablities. Hearing Aid Labs can thus ascertain how good your hearing actually is.

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Hearing Tests

Free Screen Tests – Our screen test and hearing test both involve testing both ears for various tone capabilities. From this simple and painless test, our experts can determine how normal your hearing is.

On-Site Laboratory

On-Site Lab – We have our very own laboratory, where our highly qualified technicians will repair or service your hearing aid on-site. This saves you both time and money not having to send your device off to another country or location.

Fitting Hearing Aids

Fitting – The perfect fit is very important! When you purchase any device from us, we provide free support for the entire first year that you own it, to ensure that you are comfortable and know exactly how it works.

What We Offer

Hearing Aids

We are proud to be exclusively partnered with Audifon, a German company that supplies premium hearing aids to over 60 different countries for over 50 years. Audifon devices have a focus on optimum hearing. Their success is largely due to their exceptional, comfortable designs that have been made affordable thanks to the dedication of their experienced engineers.

Hearing Aid Batteries

We are proud to supply Audifon hearing aid batteries, and believe that this brand offers premium quality. We currently stock and supply Audifon hearing aids, so it only makes sense that we stock their premium hearing aid batteries too. Our batteries are free from mercury, and they offer environmentally friendly and long lasting energy supply for modern hearing devices.

Amplified Phones

Hearing Aid Labs are a distributor of Geemarc Telecom. Geemarc Telecom specialise in the manufacturing of assistive devices suited to the needs of hearing-impaired as well as visually impaired users, senior citizens and people living with dementia (corded, cordless and mobile phones, TV and/or hearing-aid headsets, clocks and alarm clocks, accessories, etc).

Enjoy the sounds of life.

Hearing aids and accessories from audifon.

hearing aid types


Behind the ear

A small device positioned behind the ear, connected to an earpiece through clear slim or standard tubing.


Receiver in-the-canal (RIC)

A small device offering ultimate discretion. The housing which contains the microphone and receiver is positioned behind the ear.


In-the-ear (ITE)

The hearing aid components are positioned into a custom-made shell or housing. The shell is positioned in the ear canal.

Why Hearing Aids Are Important?

Hearing loss affects far more people than you think, with many cases going unnoticed as the condition progresses so gradually. Experts estimate that most cases of hearing loss are treated several years too late.

While hearing loss is for the most part irreversible, hearing aids can greatly improve the quality of life for someone suffering from this condition. Some benefits include:


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