Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are probably the most common type of hearing aid, and the type that the general public are most familiar with.

The main reason for BTE aids being so popular, thus well-recognised, is because they’re suitable for most degrees of hearing loss. BTE aids benefit those suffering from mild hearing loss, profound hearing loss, and all the degrees in between!

How Do Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids Work?

This type of hearing aid is housed in a durable case that sits just behind the outer ear. Inside the case there are microphones and a receiver, which are responsible for detecting and processing sounds. The processed and amplified sounds are sent through a small plastic tube that goes over the outer ear and into an ear mould, which allows the wearer to hear the sounds.

The case also houses the batteries.

Many people feel that BTE aids are very conspicuous, but their size assists with a range of technical abilities and a long battery life. Thanks to technological advancements, new BTE hearing aids are becoming smaller and less noticeable.

The Benefits of Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Are There Any Disadvantages of BTE Hearing Aids?

Do you feel as if you may be a candidate for behind-the-ear hearing aids? When last did you have a hearing test? Book a free screen test with the hearing aid professionals at Hearing Aid Labs today!


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