In-The-Ear hearing aids are also sometimes referred to as ‘custom’ hearing aids, or ‘full shell’ hearing aids. ITE aids are very popular and are a great choice for people that need higher-than-usual levels of amplification and processing power.

Because ITEs are moulded to fit your ear shape, they are very comfortable to wear. They come in a variety of different colours, and skin tone colours are often used for discretion.

How Do In-The-Ear Hearing Aids Work?

Much like their name suggests, in-the-ear hearing aids are worn in the conch of your ear. ITE aids usually fill the entire bowl of your ear. They come in a variety of different types and sizes, but they are usually custom-made to fit the shape of your ear perfectly. All of the components, (including, receiver, microphone, amplifier, batteries, etc.) fit into the casing.

Essentially the ITE hearing aid detects, processes, and amplifies sounds so that they can be heard better by the wearer.

There are certain functions and buttons that are situated on the hearing aid itself, but most modern ITEs are controlled through a dedicated remote or a smartphone app.

The Benefits of In-The-Ear Hearing Aids

Are There Any Disadvantages of ITE Hearing Aids?

Do in-the-ear hearing aids interest you? Do you feel that you may be suffering from hearing loss? Book a free hearing screen test with the hearing aid professionals at Hearing Aid Labs today!


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