Signs That You Might Need Hearing Aid

Growing older is no picnic. As we age, we tend to lose party of our hearing ability. Of course, there are other myriad causes of hearing loss, including ear infections, ear wax buildup, disease, and heredity to name a few. Nonetheless, hearing loss amongst adults aged 35 years and above is caused predominantly by overexposure to loud noises and ageing.


Indispensable Caring Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Batteries

In the past decade or so, we’ve seen an influx of excellent hearing aid companies in South Africa. That means you can get a free hearing test and garner top-of-the-line hearing aids without going deep into your pockets.


How Are Hearing Aids Made


Hearing Aid Batteries: The Past, Present, and Future

Hearing Aids

Describe the unique sorts of hearing aid batteries presently used.

Explain the advantages of lithium-ion batteries as an energy source for hearing aids.


6 Tips To Ensure You Buy Hearing Aids That Are The Right Choice For You

Young adults often have the mind set that they won't have to care about an ailment that won't affect them until they are much older- such as hearing loss. Even still, young adults and even today's children should be taking care with what they expose their ears to.


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