Hearing Aid Batteries: The Past, Present, and Future

Hearing Aids

Describe the unique sorts of hearing aid batteries presently used.

Explain the advantages of lithium-ion batteries as an energy source for hearing aids.


How Are Hearing Aids Made


There Are Many Benefits To Digital Hearing Aids

In recently years the assistive listening devices marketplace has been flooded with a huge number of new offerings in the way of digital hearing aids. At last count there were more than 40 different makes and models of these digital hearing devices that are manufactured by no less than twenty different manufacturers. And, while the popularity of digital hearing technology is unquestionably rising, many are left to wonder if digital is a better choice over analogue.


6 Tips To Ensure You Buy Hearing Aids That Are The Right Choice For You

Young adults often have the mind set that they won't have to care about an ailment that won't affect them until they are much older- such as hearing loss. Even still, young adults and even today's children should be taking care with what they expose their ears to.


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