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Our Free Screen Test

hearing screen test
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Our Free Screen Test

At Hearing Aid Labs we offer free screen tests at all of our branches, and encourage everyone to
book a test in order to determine whether or not they are suffering from hearing loss before they’re
caught in the dark.

While most types of hearing loss cannot be reversed entirely, if you pick up that you have hearing
loss at an early stage, audiologists can help you manage and find solutions to your problem.

What is a Screen Test?

A hearing screening is a very simple and safe test that is used to determine whether the
patient has normal hearing or not. The test lasts just a few minutes and is not painful or
stressful. The test works on a simple ‘pass or fail’ structure.

The test can determine whether the patient is suffering from hearing loss, but is not able to
tell the exact extent of their hearing loss. If you fail our hearing screen test, it is highly
recommended that you book an appointment with one of our professional audiologists to
discuss solutions.

Why is a Screen Test Needed?

There are many benefits to taking a free screen test, and it is very important to know your
hearing ability.

Firstly, if you do not have any hearing loss, a free screen test will save you a trip to the

Secondly, if the screen test does find that you have a hearing impairment, the test has
already gathered some base information that can be sent through to the audiologist to
assist him/her in your diagnosis.


There is no need to worry if you fail the hearing test. Our experts can book you in with an
audiologist that can help you find a solution. In this modern day and age there are many
technological advances that can assist with hearing loss.

Even if you don’t suspect you have a hearing impairment, you should book a free screen test
for your own peace of mind. Our friendly staff will ensure that it is a straightforward and
stress-free experience.

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