CL8500- Amplified Clamshell Mobile Phone with Dual LCD Display and camera 


  • M4/T4 Hearing aid compatibility rating
  • Adjustable receiving volume control :up to 40dB with boost key
  • 3 one touch memories, M1, M2, M3


– Big dial buttons

– Talking keypad

– White backlight

– High contrast

  • Two keys to pick up/hang up on the front of the phone
  • Phonebook: 300 entries
  • “Photophone” function (up to 12 photos)
  • Navigation control Key
  • Missed calls indicator 


  • Dual LCD display -2.4”/1.77” TFT – LCD color display
  • Selection of 12 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Dansk, Norwegian,Finnish, Turkish, Spanish, Italian
  • Date & time setting
  • Call duration display

“ICE” – In Case of Emergency

  • The customer puts all of his/her vital emergency data in the ICE memory storage
  • In the event of an emergency then the emergency services know that they can find this information on the telephone and get vital health information
  • The ICE can be accessed also if the phone is locked

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