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How Hearing Loss can affect Two Ears Differently

How Hearing Loss can Affect Two Ears Differently When hearing loss begins to set in, most people will experience at the same rate in both ears. This is because presbycusis, normal age-related loss of hearing, usually affects both ears in the same way. If your difficulty hearing is more severe in one ear than the […]

What you need to Know About Tinnitus

Have you ever experienced an annoying ringing sound in your ears after being in a loud environment for an extended time? The feeling is most likely acute tinnitus. It is very bothersome, but fortunately it is only temporary. People suffering from chronic tinnitus have to put up with this ringing in their ears constantly. The […]

One-Sided Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know and How to Get Help

One-Sided Hearing Loss, What is it? Also called unilateral hearing loss, single-sided hearing loss or single-sided deafness (SSD). Which is a hearing loss that typically occurs in one ear only. Oftentimes that means the other ear is healthy and can hear at normal hearing levels. Single-sided hearing can be severe, moderate or out-and-out loss depending […]

Signs That You Might Need Hearing Aids

Growing older is no picnic. As we age, we tend to lose show more signs of hearing loss. Of course, there are other myriad causes of hearing loss, including ear infections, ear wax buildup, disease, and heredity to name a few. Nonetheless, hearing loss amongst adults aged 35 years and above is caused predominantly by […]