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Communication Amidst COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world as we know it in many different ways. Entire industries have gone bankrupt, and millions of people’s lives have been changed forever.

There have also been many, smaller changes that we have encountered in our everyday life, one of them being communication.

The Chalnewlenges in Communication

The major communication chalnewlenge for those with hearing impairments, is communicating with masks on. Even those who wear hearing aids may have used lip reading as a tool for better communication, and the use of masks has made this impossible. Even those of us with perfect hearing may find the lack of connection through having halnewf your face covered.

The solution to this has been the many clear masks that we have seen come on to the market recently.

Because of lockdown regulations and social distancing, many people may be feeling isolated, and missing out on face to face communication with friends and family members.

The Unexpected Benefits

There have been a few unexpected benefits that the hearing impaired have enjoyed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Working from home has become the norm due to social distancing, and many of us have had to use platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet for our business meetings. Both of these platforms have been created with hearing disabilities in mind. Not only can the meetings be captioned, for easy reading and understanding, but you have the option to isolate the speaker’s face to make for convenient lip reading. This makes business meetings even easier to understand than if you were in the boardroom itself.

Captions can make the world of difference for those who are hearing impaired.

While Facetime doesn’t have caption options at this point in time, the increased use in apps like Facetime have made communication with loved ones all the easier. There are many people around the world that have been using this down time to connect and open communication with their family members, especially the older generation.

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