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How Hearing Loss can affect Two Ears Differently

Hearing loss
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How Hearing Loss can Affect Two Ears Differently

When hearing loss begins to set in, most people will experience at the same rate in both ears. This is
because presbycusis, normal age-related loss of hearing, usually affects both ears in the same way.
If your difficulty hearing is more severe in one ear than the other, it could mean a number of things that
are often more serious than your usual age-related presbycusis.


A build-up of compressed earwax is a very common cause of hearing loss and can also be very
painful if left unattended. Compressed earwax can trap bacteria, eventually causing an infection.

Having earwax is very normal and healthy as it also contains good bacteria that keeps your ears
healthy. A compression of earwax can be caused by spending time in the ocean or pushing an
earbud too far into your ear.

If you expect that you are experiencing a build-up of earwax, ensure that you go to your physician or
hearing specialist as soon as possible.


If you are experiencing severe pain alongside your difficulty hearing, an ear infection may be to blame.
Otitis media is a very common type of ear infection, which affects the middle ear, and is quite
common in children although adults can still experience it too.

Untreated ear infections can lead to permanent hearing loss and should be taken very seriously.


Tumours are not very common, but they can definitely be a cause for single-sided hearing loss and
should definitely not be ruled out. Benign tumours, called acoustic neuromas, are the most common
type, and damage the nerve endings leading to the brain.

The damage these types of tumours cause, can be devastating, and the sooner they are found the
better. Tumours can also cause dizziness and nausea on top of difficulty hearing.

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