The hearing test involves testing each ear for its various tone capablities. Hearing Aid Labs can thus ascertain how good your hearing actually is.

Some clients may find that they are a little tone deaf rather than completely deaf. The test is comprehensive and will tell us if you have major or just minor problems.
This is the purpose of the screen test to see if there is a problem first of all. During the screen test, Hearing Aid Labs will use a  video-otoscope which will clearly show you on the computer screen if the problem is just wax or something small.

If there is an actual hearing loss in certain areas Hearing Aid Labs will then make a chart of the hearing loss. This chart is called an audiogram.
The audiogram is used extensively as a blueprint to find a solution to rehabilitating your hearing loss using powerful computers.
The audiogram also helps us to recommend which hearing device will be the best to rehabilitate the problem and re-integrate the person into conversational bliss.
Hearit will present three options. Each option may suit different budgets but as always you will only get what you pay for. A minimum recommendation however will be made to you.


By having an on-site laboratory he will save a lot of time by not having to post the hearing aid to another city and risk loss. Hearing aid labs is committed to manufacture and repair hearing aids in record time. Each Hearit store is thus fully equipped laboratory.


Once you have bought a hearing aid from Hearing Aid Labs that’s when Hearing aid labs real work begins. Using a hearing aid to combat Hearing loss is a rehabilitation process and not a quick fix solution.
The brain may have to relearn certain sounds that it hasn’t been hearing for a while.

Hearing aid labs will fit and provide all the counselling you need to make it through the initial period of adjustments you need to make.
Each week you will have an appointment after fitting to train you to be able to get the best use out of your hearing aids. On average 4 post fitting appointment is needed. No costs are associated with these post fit visits except yours and the specialists time. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from our head office asking how the service was at the branch you attended.