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The Most Effective Ways to Preserve Your Hearing

Preserve Your Hearing
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The Most Effective Ways to Preserve Your Hearing

The ability to hear is a precious gift, and nobody should take their hearing for granted. As there
are many situations and factors that could lead to a loss in hearing and these should be
avoided if possible.

At Hearing Aid Labs, we consider ourselves auditory experts and believe that some of the
most effective ways to preserve your hearing include:

  • Use Ear Protection- If you work in a noisy environment, it is highly important to use high quality ear plugs in order to protect your ears. When using noisy machinery such as lawnmowers and drills you should always use Ear Plugs.
  • No Loud Music Try listening to music at a respectable volume. And always give your ears regular breaks if you enjoy listening to music for long periods of time.
  • Protect You Ears from Water- Whether it’s swimming, surfing or skiing that you enjoy, water can easily get trapped in your ear canal and cause damage to your hearing. Ensure that you wear appropriate ear plugs when enjoying water sports.
  • Get Infections Treated- If you notice the early signs of an ear infection, it is very important to get it treated straight away as untreated infections can play a major part in hearing loss.
  • Clean Your Ears- Remember to clean your ears regularly and have good ear hygiene as this will ensure that your ears are healthy. Wax is a natural and protective substance and shouldn’t be removed unless it is excessive.
  • Check Your Hearing- It is advisable to check your hearing around once a year so that any small changes in your hearing can be recorded. It is very difficult for you to notice hearing loss if it is very gradual.
  • General Health- Your hearing is linked to your general health. Leading a healthy, active lifestyle will give you a better chance at maintaining your hearing.

Do you fear that you may be losing your hearing? Loss in hearing can happen very quickly or slowly, over many years. Book a free screen test at one of Hearing Aid Lab’s many branches today in order to assess your hearing.

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