What We Offer

Hearing Aid Batteries

Our batteries are manufactured in Germany by PowerOne. They have revolutionised their technology by developing a battery that is based on TFT (Thin Foil Technology). This kind of technology delivers high energy density, which results in batteries that last a lot longer than the regular kinds. Although these batteries are of the highest standard, our prices are remarkably competitive. We offer these hearing aid batteries at only R40.00 per pack of six in any of our stores nationwide.What we offer - Hearing Aid Batteries

Ear Protection

Keep your ears safe with these special products from Noizezz. The prime goal of these products is to provide maximum ear protection, while not losing speech quality. There are three lines of protection that we offer: Plug&Play, Premium and Custom. The Plug&Play line offer protection that can be used at any time. With the Premium range, there are 8 different filters each offering a different level of strength for different needs. And our Custom line offers protection to the niche user. If you work in a noisy environment, then this product is essential in protecting your ears and hearing.

What we offer - Ear Protection

Hearing Aid Repair

What we offer - Hearing aid repair

If you have any issues or damage to your hearing aid, you’ll need it to have it repaired as soon as possible so that you can continue living a normal life. At Hearing Aid Labs South Africa, we offer hearing aid repair services from our specialised, onsite labs which are run by industry professionals.

We have branches in the following locations:

  • Kwa-Zulu Natal – Head office is located in uMhlanga and we have 13 branches throughout the province from Ballito to Pietermaritzburg to Margate.
  • Gauteng – Centurion, Hartebeespoort, Mayville and Norwood.
  • Cape Town – Longbeach Mall, Somerset West and Brackenfell.

Assistive Devices

What we offer - assistive devices

Keep in touch with your loved ones with our amplified phones from Geemarc. We offer cordless, corded and combination big button telephones which are all listening device compatible. Our corded telephones have photo buttons to easily call a friend or family member. And our Cordless handsets allow for mobility in your home. All of our amplified telephones have allocated emergency buttons for peace of mind.

Hearing Screen Tests

Our hearing screen tests involve testing both ears for various tone capabilities. From this simple and painless test, our experts can determine how normal your hearing is and offer assistance should you have any hearing issues. Our professional screen tests are free of charge and can be booked online.free hearing screen test

Hearing Aid Kapak Dryers

What we offer - hearing aid kapak dryersThese care products are brought to you by Kapak. These products are the perfect solution for a carefree drying of your hearing systems and ear moulds. Keeping your devices dry and dehumidified will ensure proper operation and a longer lifespan of your listening devices. We have kits for every device type to ensure no user will be disappointed!

On-Site Labs

To Service and Repair Hearing Aids

At Hearing Aid Labs South Africa, we have our very own laboratory, where our highly qualified technicians will repair or service your hearing aid onsite. This saves you both time and money not having to send your device off to another country or location.


Hearing aid fitting

The perfect fit is very important! When you purchase any device from us, we provide free support for the entire first year that you own it, to ensure that you are comfortable and know exactly how it works.