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Why the Younger Generation Need to Prioritise Their Hearing

Why the Younger Generation Need to Prioritise Their Hearing

When you are in the prime of your youth, it may be hard to imagine that an ‘elderly condition’ such as hearing loss may ever affect you. But the truth is, hearing damage and hearing loss may be just around the corner if you are not taking effective care of your ears. Below we explain why the younger generation need to prioritise their hearing:

More at Risk than Ever Before

The Millennial generation may be at a greater risk of hearing loss, and other hearing conditions, than any generation before them. 

But Why? The reason is actually very simple. Millennials are the ‘headphone generation’, constantly wearing headphones, listening to music at high volumes. This may seem innocent enough but overtime these high volumes can cause irreparable damage to your hearing.

 In an analysis by WHO, it was found that almost halnewf of those aged 12-35 listen to music at unsafe volumes, and around 40 percent of youths expose themselves to very loud events such as clubs and concerts.

How to Care For Your Hearing

The thing with hearing loss is that once you have experienced some loss, it is almost impossible to get it back. For this reason, preventative measures are key. Ensure that you:

  • Listen to music at a safe volume
  • Have ‘silent’ periods where there is no music playing
  • If you work in a noisy environment you need to use the correct ear protection
  • Try and limit your time at noisy events such as concerts but if you do go, wear ear protection.

Remember that the health of your ears is just as important as any other part of your body!

Book a Screen Test

Hearing loss often happens very gradually, so you may not notice you have a problem until it’s too late! One of the only ways you can keep track of the health of your hearing is by getting your ears tested by a professional.

Want to start caring for your hearing? Why not book a free screen test at one of our countrywide branches? Our team at Hearing Aid Labs are absolute professionals, and are passionate about helping you to maintain and improve your hearing!

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