Come in to any of our branches for a FREE Screen Test The hearing test involves testing each ear for its various tone capablities. Hearing Aid Labs can thus ascertain how good your hearing actually is. Find a Branch Quality Hearing Aids Our quality hearing aids are imported from Germany delivering excellence in design and production ensuring an impressive customer satisfaction ratio. Find a Branch

Our Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aid Tests

Hearing Tests

Free Screen Tests  – Our screen test and hearing test both involve testing both ears for various tone capabilities. From this simple and painless test, our experts can determine how normal your hearing is. Our professional hearing screen tests are free of charge and can be booked online.

Manufacturing Hearing Aids

On-Site Laboratory

On-Site Lab – We have our very own laboratory, where our highly qualified technicians will repair or service your hearing aid on-site. This saves you both time and money not having to send your device off to another country or location.

Fitting Hearing Aids

Fitting Hearing Aids

Fitting – The perfect fit is very important! When you purchase any device from us, we provide free support for the entire first year that you own it, to ensure that you are comfortable and know exactly how it works.

We have 21+ Hearing Aid Stores Nationwide

Hearing Aids South Africa

We are one of the most experienced hearing aid suppliers in South Africa and we deliver country-wide. We plan to keep growing and soon have multiple branches in across the country.

We are the sole distributor for Audifon, a hearing aid manufacturer based in Germany with distribution in over 65 countries worldwide. The company has a long and successful history and is part of one of the largest companies in the industry. We build custom devices ourselves, and with a team of professional engineers we definitely know what we are talking about.

We consider ourselves industry professionals and aim to provide only the best service to our patients.

Visit one of our shops for a free hearing screen test and a video on-screen view of your eardrum to ensure that it is free to function correctly without wax impediment.

HAL was started in 1995 by Zimbabwean-born electrician Richard Lloyd in South Africa.

He had a side hobby of fixing hearing aids, which soon turned into a full-time business with the help of industry experts. Hearing Aid Lab’s South African branches have done incredibly well and their expertise has been carried on into our Mauritian branch which is due to open in 2019

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we keep adapting and growing to keep up with technological changes.

Many of the components in a hearing aid device are easily sourced. Bring in your new device to be serviced and ultrasonically cleaned.

If your used h/aid doesn’t function then bring it in for a quote. Let’s see if we can fix it and get it calibrated (tuned) to your current hearing need.

We support all other brands

A hearing aid is a small device that intensifies sound mostly being speech for individuals who suffer from hearing impairments. These devices may be worn with minimal discomfort either within the ear, the outer ear or behind the ear. The main components is a tiny microphone, an amplifier, an earphone, an ear mold and a small battery which gives power to the device which is enclosed within the ear mold.

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Our Creed

  •  Treat each patient as though it were your mother or father.
  • Our products are available in most parts of South Africa.
  • Specialized stores equipped to go are also on standby to help you should you need it.

Hearing Aids

We are proud to be exclusively partnered with Audifon. Audifon is a German company that supplies premium hearing aids and hearing aid accessories to over 60 different countries for over 50 years. Audifon devices have a focus on optimum hearing. Their success is largely due to their exceptional, comfortable designs that have been made affordable thanks to the dedication of their experienced engineers.

Hearing Aid Batteries

We are proud to supply Audifon hearing aid batteries, and believe that this brand offers premium quality. Audifon is a German brand that is recognised worldwide. We currently stock and supply Audifon hearing aids, so it only makes sense that we stock their premium hearing aid batteries too. Audifon hearing aid batteries are free from mercury, and they offer environmentally friendly and long lasting energy supply for modern hearing devices.

Amplified Phones 

Keep in touch with your loved ones with our amplified phones from Geemarc. We offer cordless, corded and combination big button telephones which are all listening device compatible. Our corded telephones have photo buttons to easily call a friend or family member. And our Cordless handsets allow for mobility in your home. All our amplified telephones have allocated emergency buttons for peace of mind.

Ear Protection

Keep your ears safe with these special products from Noizezz. The prime goal of these products is to provide maximum ear protection while not losing speech quality. There are three lines of ear protection that we offer: Plug&Play, Premium and Custom. The Plug&Play line offer protection that can be used at any time. With the Premium range, there are 8 different filters each offering a different level of strength for different needs. And our Custom line offers protection to the niche user. If you work in a noisy environment, then ear plugs are essential in protecting your ears and hearing.


As hearing loss often happens very gradually, hearing tests should be performed every 3 to 5 years, or as soon as you suspect you may have an auditory problem.

Our hearing screen tests are absolutely free and can be booked online.

Once you have booked the appointment, ensure you arrive on time. Hearing screen tests are completely painless and are executed by professionals.

Hearing aids can greatly improve your hearing in both quiet and noisy situations and allow patients better communication.

Supplying Hearing Aids Nationwide

Hearing Aid Labs supply a wide range of different hearing aids and hearing aid batteries to our patients across South Africa. We work alongside respected brands to bring our patients high-quality hearing aids and longlasting hearing aid batteries.

We are also able to offer our patients repair services for their hearing aids should they start acting up. We are able to offer this service because of our onsite labs

Book A Free Hearing Test Today

Because hearing damage usually happens very slowly, you may not even realise that you are suffering from hearing loss until you are battling to have conversations or hear important sounds. Don’t let it get to this point, book a free hearing test at one of our branches and get clarity on the health of your hearing!

Our hearing tests are offered at all of our branches nationwide! We have branches in KZN, Gauteng and the Western Cape. Our free hearing tests are a very popular feature at Hearing Aid Labs, and we encourage you to make use of this opportunity to have a hearing test for no charge.

Book a free hearing test today!