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Hearing Systems Wings Chip Technology

The new wireless chip

The Evolution of Wireless
Connectivity in Hearing Systems

The impact of wireless technology on our daily lives is undeniable, with wireless devices becoming increasingly ubiquitous. This trend extends to the field of hearing systems, where advancements in connectivity are transforming the user experience. Our aim is to introduce a well-established wireless technology and outline its advantages.

Meet the Wings chip, an integrated wireless technology featuring Bluetooth and a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, complemented by a range of advanced and proven audiological features.

A wide range of hearing solutions

Key Wireless Features

Seamless Wireless Streaming

Effortlessly stream media and take phone calls directly through your Wings hearing systems using your smartphone. The audifon App allows users to fine-tune microphone input, minimizing background noise to optimize the sound quality from the media source.

Binaural Synchronization

The Scene Detect feature will automatically detect different sound situations and synchronised the settings binaurally to achieve optimal hearing comfort. These adjustments on the audifon hearing systems occur adaptively and automatically without the user’s input. Binaural Synchronisation can work for these settings:

  • Detecting different sound situations
  • Directionality of microphones
  • TRT Module with different sound wave settings

easyclick Convenience

Control volume and memory program settings wirelessly between both hearing systems. With easyclick, adjustments made on one side’s hearing system rocker switch are instantly transmitted to the other side, ensuring uniform settings for both devices.

Wireless Programming

Experience the ease and comfort of adjusting audifon hearing systems with NOAHlink Wireless programming. Users will appreciate the freedom of wireless adjustments during each fine-tuning consultation, making the process simple and convenient.

Wings Chip Technology

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