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Presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, is the gradual decline in hearing experienced in both ears. It’s a common issue associated with aging, affecting one in three adults over the age of 65. Due to the slow progression of the condition, some individuals may not initially notice the changes in their hearing.

Leaving hearing loss untreated can have profound and often underestimated consequences. Emerging studies underscore a pivotal correlation that hearing loss can expedite cognitive decline, especially among individuals aged 45 to 64.

If you have concerns about you or your loved ones hearing, book a full diagnostic hearing test with our audiologists today.

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What to expect during a hearing test:

Our non-invasive and painless hearing test typically takes around 1 hour, providing a thorough examination of your auditory health.

The fee for consultation is R600.00 on private. Alternatively, you can seek reimbursement from your medical aid at their specified rates, contingent upon your plan or available benefits. Rest assured, we are here to guide you through the claim process.

Personalized Assessment:

Begin with a friendly conversation as we inquire about your hearing history and concerns. Following this, our audiologist conducts a visual examination of your ear drum using an otoscope.

Comprehensive Hearing Examination:

Embark on a journey of sound exploration with our series of tests. These evaluations uncover the spectrum of sounds you can perceive and those that may pose a challenge. Responding to words or tones, the process is entirely painless.

Hearing Aid Options:

If a hearing aid is recommended, our audiologist guides you through suitable options. Experience immediate testing of the recommended hearing aids, customized to your needs, on the same day as your hearing test.

Follow-Up Excellence:

Follow-up appointments are arranged to guarantee your contentment and to make any required adjustments until your hearing reaches its optimum level.

Hearing evaluations are fundamental in understanding and addressing auditory health. Audiologists employ various tests to assess different aspects of hearing.

• Pure-tone audiometry involves measuring an individual's hearing sensitivity across different frequencies, helping identify the degree and nature of any hearing loss.

• Speech audiometry assesses one's ability to hear and understand speech. This evaluation provides insights into how well an individual can comprehend spoken language.

• Tympanometry is a test that examines the movement of the eardrum in response to changes in air pressure. This helps in identifying issues with the middle ear and assessing overall ear health.

Choosing and fitting hearing aids is a personalized process aimed at enhancing an individual's hearing experience.

• Selection of appropriate hearing aids involves considering factors such as the degree and type of hearing loss, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Audiologists guide individuals in choosing the most suitable device.

• Customized fittings ensure that hearing aids are comfortable and provide optimal performance. This involves tailoring the devices to fit the unique anatomy of each ear.

• Programming and adjustments are crucial for fine-tuning hearing aids. Audiologists use specialized software to adjust settings based on individual responses and feedback, optimizing hearing aid performance.

Audiologists offer essential services to address issues with malfunctioning hearing aids and ensure their longevity.

• Repair services include diagnosing and fixing problems with hearing aids. Whether it's a technical malfunction or physical damage, audiologists work to restore optimal functionality.

• Routine maintenance and cleaning are vital for preventing issues and maintaining the effectiveness of hearing aids. Regular check-ups help address any potential problems before they become major issues.

Tinnitus, characterized by ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears, can significantly impact quality of life. Audiologists provide comprehensive support.

• Evaluation and counseling involve identifying the underlying causes of tinnitus and developing personalized strategies to manage and alleviate symptoms. Counseling helps individuals cope with the emotional aspects of tinnitus.

For those exposed to loud environments or musicians looking to preserve their hearing, custom ear protection is a valuable service.

• Design and fitting of custom earplugs or earmolds involve creating personalized ear protection devices that offer a comfortable fit while effectively reducing noise exposure.