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Free Hearing Screen Test

As people age, it becomes fairly common for their hearing to deteriorate and for them not to be able hear things as well as they used to. The main cause for this common hearing loss is known as presbycusis. This condition is essentially the loss of ability in the hearing organ when it comes to detecting sounds. The effects of this hearing loss often happen gradually and you may barely notice them until the loss of hearing becomes problematic.

Impaired hearing does not just affect the elderly. Hearing loss can also be a result of ear infections, overexposure to noisy environments and even certain medications.

At Hearing Aid Labs we offer free screen tests at all of our branches, and encourage everyone to book a test in order to determine whether or not they are suffering from hearing loss before they’re caught in the dark.

Free hearing screen test

Who is Most at Risk?

In today’s modern and very noisy age, almost everyone is at risk of some form of hearing loss. Even preteens listening to loud music could be at risk of damaging their hearing.

Noise-induced hearing loss affects people who work in exceptionally noisy environments such as construction sites, mines, airports and even nightclubs. Just one hour of exposure to 85 decibels of volume could permanently damage your hearing. If you are working in a noisy environment it is essential that you wear the correct ear protection.

Why you should test your hearing?

The earlier that you can catch hearing impairments, the more practical solutions you have available to you. Unfortunately, because hearing loss is so gradual, many people affected by this condition often don’t notice the warning signs and the condition progresses.

There is no need to be embarrassed or reluctant to book a hearing test. Hearing loss affects millions of people, and it is important to put your health first as to enjoy a good quality of life.

If you test positive for hearing impairment, our professional team can book you an appointment with one of our audiologists who will guide you to the next best steps.

Once You’ve Booked

Once you have booked a free hearing test at one of our many branches, there is absolutely no need to stress. The process is exceptionally simple and pain free. We will ask you a few easy questions regarding your hearing and lifestyle choices and then perform the test.

Once your results have been analysed, you will receive a hearing score and based on this we can decipher whether your hearing is normal or not. If your hearing is not normal, a full hearing test will need to be conducted by our audiologists

Unfortunately hearing loss is for the most part irreversible and often it is progressive. But if you test your hearing regularly, you can pick up on any impairments and address them effectively. Modern technology gives us many options to help manage your condition and maintain your lifestyle!

Even if you don’t suspect you have a hearing impairment, you should book a free screen test for your own peace of mind. Our friendly staff will ensure that it is a straightforward and stress-free experience.