Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

At Hearing Aid Labs South Africa, we are passionate about providing our patients with exceptional quality when it comes to all of our products and services, and that includes our hearing aid batteries.

Our hearing aid batteries are available at all of our branches, nationwide. Our audiologists are there to help you choose batteries which are the correct size for your device.

Audifon Hearing Aid Batteries

We are proud to supply Audifon hearing aid batteries, and believe that this brand offers premium quality. Audifon is a German brand that is recognised worldwide. We currently stock and supply Audifon hearing aids, so it only makes sense that we stock their premium hearing aid batteries too.

Audifon hearing aid batteries are free from mercury, and they offer environmentally friendly and long lasting energy supply for modern hearing devices.

Technological Information

  • Available in sizes 675, 13, 312 and 10.
  • Audifon batteries are 100% free of mercury and therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional hearing aid batteries.
  • Optimal storage conditions add to the high life period of Audifon hearing aid batteries. Batteries should be stored at room ambient temperature. Extreme temperatures may affect life period of batteries.
  • The life period of Audifon hearing aid batteries depends on the gain of the respective hearing system and total operation time. Audifon mercury free zinc air batteries offer a long life period compared to other battery types.

Comprehensive Hearing Aid Services and Support

In addition to selling hearing aid devices and hearing aid batteries, we also provide support in the form of fitting and repair services. Our onsite labs allow us to offer these comprehensive services, so you can get everything you need in one place!

Hearing Aid Batteries

If you ever need any further advice when it comes to hearing damage and how you can protect your hearing, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Hearing Aid Labs South Africa. We also offer free hearing aid screenings, and our branches are open nationwide!