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Multistreamer pro

Designed for people who appreciate direct wireless streaming

Get even more out of audifon Wings hearing systems with this perfectly matched accessory. Thanks to Bluetooth, the multistreamer pro enables convenient streaming of external audio sources directly into the Wings hearing systems.

Bluetooth technology for easy pairing of devices

  • Crystal clear audio from TV
  • Enjoy music & podcast from media devices
  • Effortless understanding of distant conversation, e.g. at conferences
  • Hands-free telephone calls

TV & Sound Streaming

The audifon multistreamer pro enables you to transmit the audio from the TV directly onto your Wings hearing systems. Use the 3.5 mm audio jack to connect one end to the TV and the other to the back of the multistreamer pro.

Live Remote Microphone

Enjoy one-on-one conversation when you position the multistreamer pro as a dedicated microphone close to the speaker in noisy environment. The maximum range is up to a distance of 10 meters.

Wireless Phone Streaming

Connect any smartphone for hands free calls to your Wings hearing systems.