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Ringer595 U.L.E

When paired with the AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E telephone, the RINGER595 U.L.E will ring and flash every time you receive a phone call.

If used with the DOORBELL595 U.L.E, the AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E will flash and ringwhen someone rings the doorbell (with a different ringtone than the one that signals incoming calls).


  • Receiver, sound alerter
  • Works only with the AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E and the DOORBELL595 U.L.E
  • 100dB ringtone (90dB to 1 meter)
  • Flashing light
  • Three operating mode: Flashing light / Flashing light + Ringtone / Ringtone
  • Adjustable tone and ringtone volume: 3 different ringtones for the incoming calls and 1 for the doorbell
  • Works with batteries (3 x AA) or power supply
  • Possibility to connect up to ten RINGER595 U.L.E to the same base