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The different types of hearing protection

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The different types of hearing protection

Hearing loss that has been induced by noise can be easily prevented with the right ear protection. Hearing loss that results from excessive noise, is usually brought about when the tiny hairs in your ear canal sustain permanent damage. These small hairs are the ones charged with the responsibility of picking up sound waves and once they are damaged permanently, they cannot be restored or repaired. Therefore, investing in proper ear protection is vital, especially if you operate in a noisy environment on a regular basis.

Types of ear protection

There are many various types of hearing protection, each with their distinct benefits. The purpose of any ear protection is to reduce the effect of a noisy environment so that the risk of noise-induced hearing loss can be reduced. Types of ear protection include:

Foam earplugs

Foam earplugs are inexpensive and they are ideal for use in factories or noisy construction sites. Although foam plugs can offer sufficient protection, they have a higher chance of irritating the ear, especially if the foam is made from inexpensive material. Foam earplugs should always be inserted using clean hands to reduce the risk of developing external ear infections.

Wax balls

Wax balls are designed to completely seal off your hearing so that you can be protected from the interference of the outside world. When purchased, it is best to use wax balls just once to get the most value from them.


Earmuffs come in a range of shapes, designs, and sizes so your choice will be based on your preference. They are some of the most commonly used types of ear protection because they are easily accessible and are easy to fit. Earmuffs do not need to be specially designed- all you have to do is secure them over the head. Ear muffs are great for irregular use such as when doing landscaping work at home. Ear muffs are also used regularly in cold climates because they offer hearing protection and warmth at the same time.

Silicon plugs

Silicon plugs resemble foam plugs closely but they are usually a lot more comfortable to wear in comparison owing to the softness of the silicon material. They can only be used to cover the auditory canal and they may not be inserted completely into the ear.


Ear plugs are the most common types of ear protection worn today. Earplugs are designed to fit directly into your ear canal. Which means that they offer a higher level of protection compared to most varieties. If you work in a very noisy environment, then you should definitely invest earplugs.


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